About the business

My name is Ashley Painter. I have one son who likes to help with markets. I made candles for fun and it became a hobby, and eventually a career! I spent a year making candles for myself and family before branching out and selling and another year improving before officially starting the business. It is very important to me to have quality, safe products that I am proud of. I am committed to being as eco friendly as possible. I use cruelty free products and reuse when I can. Shipping items such as packing peanuts or bubble wrap can be easily reused. Products like labels, however cannot. Most of my jars are new, however I do offer upcycled jars. I test all jars that I am unfamiliar with to ensure using the proper wick(s); to give the customer the best experience with their product! Links to my main suppliers can be found at the bottom of our store page. I love what we do and I am always learning! I have many ideas to expand product lines in the future.